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  • The Future Is Edible

    Who'd have thought the stuff of Roald Dahl's fictional fantasy, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory would one day come true? The Lab Store is a new concept food store in the world's...

    21 Aug 2013
    The Future Is Edible
  • Dior Up Close

    Ever wanted to see the jewels of couture up close? Well Dior have just put up a short video showcasing the accessories of their Haute Couture Fall 2013 show. A closer look at the show...

    10 Jul 2013
    Dior Up Close
  • Alexis: An Artist In The Details

    Alexis Mabille has once again proved his worth in the league of couture designers. Not only is his craftsmanship of layered ruffles and feminine tailoring exquisite, but he goes one step...

    09 Jul 2013
    Alexis: An Artist In The Details
  • Lacroix's Homage To Schiaparelli

    The long awaited Lacroix homage to Schiaparelli was unveiled this week, and with all Lacroix's work in theatre over the years, the clothes had voluminous drama. The entrance to the...

    05 Jul 2013
    Lacroix's Homage To Schiaparelli
  • Stripe It Up

    Just to prove stripes never go out of style, iconic French T-shirt maker Petit Bateau has just celebrated its 120th anniversary. Pierre Valton started the company in Troyes in 1893, making...

    07 Jun 2013
    Stripe It Up