A Real Unreal Age

One of the highlights of Tokyo Fashion Week this October, was the luminous lattice collection by Kunihiko Morinaga for his avant garde label, Anrealage. Parco department store has a 10 year retrospective of his offbeat work called “A real un real age”, from December 7th – 25th. From experiments with digital printing and pixelation to his amazing 3D-formed pieces and inflatable coats, Morinaga always pushes the boundaries of what is fashion. It’s no surprise that Lady Gaga is a big fan.  She met the designer last time she came to Tokyo and she wore a mad, gold-button “pearly queen” dress by Anrealage.

At Parco Museum, 3F Parco Part 1, Shibuya. See Parco Art for details.


10 Dec 2012