Danielle Wallace Ties Pop Up Shop - Sydney

Danielle Wallace the Queen of ties is back in Australia and has opened a pop up shop full of her favourite things in the Sydney CBD. If you are looking for a present for the men in your life this is the place. A treasure trove of ties, from fresh seersuckers to beautiful silk madras stripes and checks, this is the same stock as she sells to Neiman Marcus in the states. It doesn’t stop there, you’ll find great boxer style swimmers, antique cuff links, fabulous Magalia Francesco umbrellas, Marvis toothpaste and Danielle’s selection of Tachen books.

Set inside a concrete box with great retro furniture it's not girly, and you can have a game of pool while making a decision on your bow tie or Terrarium!

Only open until the 26th December and already selling out of sizes in the Greyhound Lane shirts..…race down to Aurora (Renzo Piano Building) on the corner of Macquarie and Bent Streets. It really is a great store.

25 Nov 2009