Dries - Dries Van Noten documentary

Dries is the documentary by Reiner Holzemer in which the Belgian fashion designer Dries Van Noten allows a filmmaker to register his life and his creative process for the first time. The film shows a little bit of the life, mind and heart of a designer who has remained true to himself in an age of fashion globalisation.

On the trailer linked below, you will hear the designer saying “The word ‘fashion’ I don’t like because fashion means something which is over after 6 months. I would like to find a word which is more timeless”. This pretty much sums the emblematic original work of the designer, whose fashion shows have become one of the must-sees at Paris Fashion Week.

Fashionists wouldn't want to miss out this film. Australians had the chance to watch “Dries” on Sydney Film Festival and if you are in France or in Netherlands you can look forward to the film to be screened soon. The Dries film will be available from July 17th on demand (Click here for more information).

Until then, have a sneak pick on the official trailer.

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10 Jul 2017