Jeanne Lanvin at Paris Galliera

Curated by Olivier Saillard in collaboration with Lanvin’s current artistic director, Alber Ebaz, the craft of this fine couturier and the oldest French fashion house still in business is celebrated in the Palais Galliera in Paris until August. Rather than being bogged down in information, history and technique, this exhibition has a real sense of emotion to it, allowing visitors to just enjoy the timeless beauty of Lanvin. 

‘We had two options: either to be historical and do a very academic retrospective with a succession of dates; or to follow our feelings, to love and admire the clothes, touch the visitors’ heart through the sheer beauty of these garments, and finish the exhibition kind of up on a cloud. I think we have managed toe an exhibition around the dream of fashion.’ - Alber Elbaz

With her beginnings as a milliner in 1885, Jeanne Lanvin progressively worked more with garments, ultimately creating lines for young women, children, brides, lingerie, fur, and eventually men in 1926. Inspired by her travels, the role of women in her society, and most of all her daughter, Lanvin was discreet but quietly ambitious; an embodiment of the garments she created. 

‘On my first day at Lanvin, I was presented with the logo. A logo is a bit like a surname; at Lanvin it is a mother with her daughter. The whole spirit of the fashion house is summed up in that logo.’ - Alber Ebaz

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SCOUTLook 41: SCOUT + About

SCOUTLook 41: SCOUT + About

19 May 2015