SCOUT ss2020 season has begun!

At SCOUT, we think positively and as future analysts, we see this new decade as exciting and full of potential, in terms of newness, innovation and optimism, using our knowledge and experience to chart a course through yet more turbulent times. 

CLEAR VISION is our core message for 2020. Discard old, outdated ways as we look to the future, embracing new challenges. In this new-look SCOUT LIFE publication, we’ve refreshed our design and packaging, refocused our thinking and research on the importance of lifestyle and wellbeing and enhanced our unique approach to colour.

To enhance our service and take the SCOUT colour palettes and usage to the next level, this season we introduce bespoke, custom dyed colours, fully swatched and integrated into the book by colour analysis in larger format swatches and a new user-friendly colour section at the front of the book and swatched by trend and lifestyle. All matched to Pantone TCX & PMS for accurate dying and printing.

LIFE ss2020 is out now! To purchase it, just click here.

Our next release will be MEN ss2020. Stay tuned!

07 Sep 2018