Smith Journal: a smart new publication from Frankie Magazine

Get ready boys, Smith Journal is the new bi-annual publication from the team behind Frankie Magazine launched yesterday. Like Frankie, the magazine will be looking to tell tales that have a distinct wit and element of substance to them. They’re “backpedalling”, as they so charmingly put it, to provide guys with something a touch more genuine, reflective and appreciative of the good things in life. Creative, intriguing and funny tales will be delivered across 140 pages that you instinctively know will share that lo-fi, manual camera quality that Frankie already delivers so well.

And the name? Well, it’s taken from the idea of wordsmiths or blacksmiths; traditional artisans who share that down-to-earth quality Smith Journal are looking to embody.

Issue one will include dialogue with “ordinary blokes”, teach you how to talk like a 19th century sailor, help you figure out quantum physics and ponder over whether or not we’ll survive the upcoming apocalypse!

Travel, fashion, culture, science and history will categorise and theme this smart little publication, bringing together topical and explorative narrative for boys who, for some time, have probably been wishing there was a male version of Frankie.

Tilly Pearman

06 Sep 2011