Sustainable Scraps

After winning a scholarship to the European Institute of Design, Australian fashion designer, Annabelle Hardie relocated to Madrid where she has continued to focus on sustainable and ethical design. The relocation came about after collaborating with Zara for her end-of-year project. Utilising the high street retailer’s samples and faulty garments, Hardie reconstructed new outfits that conscientiously helped to reduce unnecessary waste. Her approach was refreshing, avoiding the stereotypical 'art-student' miss-match and instead veering more toward skilled 'couture' simplicity. Hardie also aims to make the entire process as sustainable as possible, choosing to use discarded over-ripe fruit or tea to dye the garments. A short film entitled, Daytripping, was recently released, highlighting 2 dresses from the collection to subtly capture the intricate construction of her collection. The range has also secured the honour of being exhibited in Paris at The Ethical Fashion Show.


Tilly Pearman

23 Nov 2011