Sydney's Edible Outdoor Rooms

We have come across a new initiative in Sydney which addresses our perception of how outdoor spaces in cities can or could be used. Self-directing a project, the team at Sam Crawford Architects have gained permission to temporarily install an Edible Garden on Foster Street, Surry Hills. The project sees a series of 3 parklets, each containing planter boxers filled with edible greenery for the local community to enjoy. The simple idea embraces a growing movement towards more engaging and shared experiences that attempt to bring back value to the concept of community. As we leave behind a more isolated way of living, initiatives such as these are highlighting our abilities to re-think, re-evaluate and take responsibility in how we want to share our communal outside spaces.


Supported by The CIty of Sydney, Edible Outdoor Rooms will run for 3 months.

Photo credits - @frostdesigns



15 Feb 2012