iPads, scented publications, ‘vooks’, the printed magazine as we know it is changing. Last week saw the launch of a brand new magazine concept, The Live Issue. Magazine pages literally came alive in a three-dimensional, interactive and immersive new concept. Rather than scroll through paragraphs of interview, super body-con designer Pam Hogg offered a ‘live account’ of her work and career in an interview room. The Comme des Garcons advertising room was based on the scrunched up image concept, attendees were invited to photocopy a object (or a part of themselves) and paste on the wall. In place of imagining what the latest new albums sound like, live music came courtesy of legendary DJ Princess Julia. Designer Rachel Freire collaborated with artist Izzy Electric to create a fashion installation incorporating lots and lots of cassette tape.  New filmaker Gabriel Gettman created a Pollock-inspired fashion film which played on repeat in collaboration with Bitching and Junkfood and label ‘2 weeks’. Nikki Farquharson completed a live illustration, in which a Marie Hill clad model stood for the duration of the evening whilst an image evolved around her. It’s the start of something very exciting in publishing…

14 May 2010