Uniqlo presents ‘The Science of Style’

From their Heattech tees to their Ultra Light Down innovations, Japanese brand Uniqlo firmly believes fashion and practicality needn’t be mutually exclusive. To celebrate their status as the brand that has the best of both worlds, they’ve partnered with Dazed & Confused to present ‘The Science of Style’, a competition inviting creative’s to express fashion and art through sculpture and installation.

To kick-start the competition, Uniqlo and Dazed have commissioned sculptor/set designer/artist David White to create outdoor installations in the Clerkenwell and Camden neighbourhoods. One of the artworks he has created reflects the Heattech technology, alluded too through warm-coloured translucent perspex layered over a chill-inducing mountainous landscape. Heattech can ingeniously be worn as inner or outerwear in frosty winter environments. Another piece reflects the Ultra Light Down innovation with frosted clouds imbuing the ultra (ultra) light pure goose down.

For the competition, the innovative community are invited to submit their concepts reflecting the brands four new winter ranges, UJ denim, merino winter wool knits, Heattech and Ultra Light Down. The winner will have their ideas realized for them by David White in the windows of Uniqlo’s Regent Street store.

By Becky Lyon

23 Sep 2011