Pitti Uomo: Utilitarian Goes Formal and Cultures Mix

With a shift in most cities to a more casual look in terms of streetwear and day-to-day looks, today at Pitti Uomo the crowd was out looking their best in a mixture of tailoring and more casual wears. A noticeable pattern of looks brought a newness to utility wear, and not the usual over-dyed garment washed looks but rather a more tailored offering with a slightly more sophisticated look. Styled with classic footwear and basket weave trilby’s, this new age utility wear is fresh and exciting.

Fashion brings people together with the emergence of cultures influencing how we dress today. The hybrid of mixing diverse cultures with western looks gives a new life to certain traditional dressing. It can be reflected in the prints but more importantly on the drape and cut. Pitti is famous for its peacocking and more traditional tailoring looks, but it seems to be shifting towards more diversity where fresh new contemporary looks are emerging.

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All pictures from SCOUT.

15 Jun 2018