Viviane Sassen @ Huis Marseille Museum, Amsterdam

The Laboraroium 17 exhibition at Huis Marseille Museum for Photography in Amsterdam celebrates seven extraordinary years of fashion and portrait photographer Viviane Sassen.

Each image straddles the line between fine art photography and fashion editorial creating surreal, bizarre, yet beautiful compositions 'painted' via the light through Sassen's camera lens. The body is treated as a sculptural object, twisted and transformed as a centrepiece to distortion plays, a major theme with photos hacked and pasted together or models throwing incongruous and unlikely shadows. Colour is a huge deal, strategically positioned in the image as if it were quite literally painted in.

The show features a combination of branded commissions for the likes of Diesel, Louis Vuitton, Pop, iD and Self Service along with personal, experimental work. One of the most intriguing sections however it the 'Foreplay' section where the photographer captures abstract moments almost as something of a practice run before the shoot begins experimenting with ideas and compositions.

Images courtesy Huis Marseille Museum


11 Dec 2012