• Dior, Paris

    Dior, Paris

    CHRISTIAN DIOR, COUTURIER DU RÊVE From 5 July 2017 to 7 January 2018 We close our year of blogging and trend reporting with a special look at the wonderful creations of...

    21 Dec 2017
  • Jeanne Lanvin at Paris Galliera

    Jeanne Lanvin at Paris Galliera

    Curated by Olivier Saillard in collaboration with Lanvin’s current artistic director, Alber Ebaz, the craft of this fine couturier and the oldest French fashion house still in business...

    19 May 2015
  • Reflected Glory at Romance

    Reflected Glory at Romance

    A match made in supernatural disco heaven, Romance Was Born duo Luke Sales and Anna Plunkett have collaborated with Australian artist Rebecca Baumann to create their first exhibition...

    15 Apr 2014
  • Art Under The Sea

    Art Under The Sea

    Australian artist BJ Price has decided to do something incredible - have an art exhibition in the wondrous underwater world in The Great Barrier Reef. The exhibition goes for a very short...

    12 Dec 2013
  • Art World: Word To Mother

    Art World: Word To Mother

    SCOUT is always scouting the contemporary art world for inspiration. There are so many small galleries with artists doing amazing work worldwide. Right now we have our eyes on London-based...

    20 Nov 2013