• Shop the Top

    Shop the Top

    Huge news: at the end of this month, that UK fast fashion mecca Topshop, will open in Sydney! But not so fast…we are not getting a giant flagship store, but rather,...

    02 Oct 2009
  • High Street highs

    High Street highs

    The UK mass fashion chains are responding to demand for more fashionable offerings for budget-conscious fashionistas (or should that be ‘recessionistas’?)....

    08 Sep 2009
  • Scout Shopping Bali 2

    Scout Shopping Bali 2

    Zuitton Pete Zuitton now has 2 stores in Bali but the Oberoi Rd store has Café Zuccini attached. Have a delicious organic salad then try on a few frocks from Shakuhaci,...

    28 Aug 2009
  • Scout Shopping Bali

    Scout Shopping Bali

    Corner Store/Tuckshop Sean Cosgrove who has the kids label “Little Horn” serves the best breakfast in Seminyak at The Tuckshop!  On the first corner at...

    28 Aug 2009