• NON-GENDER Hits the Mainstream

    NON-GENDER Hits the Mainstream

    We’ve been noticing for some time the non-gender movement in fashion. Top tier designers like Rick Owens and Alessandro Michele of Gucci, each intent on eroding the once rigid demarcation...

    09 Mar 2016
  • Heavy Metal

    Heavy Metal

    That tricky fashion time in retail when it’s hot & sunny or wet and steamy one minute, then cool and unpredictable the next – called in the industry ‘trans-seasonal’...

    31 Aug 2012
  • Uniqlo Syndrome

    Uniqlo Syndrome

    Uniqlo Syndrome Written by Kensuke Kojima, a veteran of Japanese fashion marketing, this book (released in Japanese in 2010 and in English in 2011) is an essential insight into the...

    30 Nov 2011
  • Sustainable Scraps

    Sustainable Scraps

    After winning a scholarship to the European Institute of Design, Australian fashion designer, Annabelle Hardie relocated to Madrid where she has continued to focus on sustainable and...

    23 Nov 2011
  • London Retail Spring 2011

    London Retail Spring 2011

    April has certainly felt more like summer than spring in London with temperatures pushing 30, meaning the bright offerings on the rails feel more than appropriate. Zara’s looking...

    29 Apr 2011