Casual Colour + Trend SS18

Publish Date: September 2016

With a global network of professionals, we analyze catwalk, street fashion, emerging designers and pop culture. We create a clear, comprehensive story to drive commercial success. Be inspired and informed by innovative storyboards, colour palettes, styling details, graphics and accessories.

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Be Prepared

It's not enough to know what's happening next season: you have to think ten steps ahead of the competition. Scout analyses lifestyle trends, pop culture, street and catwalk, for accurate forecasts.

We Know Our Stuff

With an international team of fashion professionals Scout offers on-the-spot global access to the latest trends, along with expert analysis and sharp editing.

Scouts Honour

We don't just forecast trends; we prove them at retail. This unique approach shows you trend development and key items that will actually sell.

All reports in this set

Early Colour

Our Casual SS18 Colour Analysis for the season.

Colour + Mood

Introducing our Casual SS18 trends, each with their own colour palettes and colour usage pages. Inspirational moodboards also include fabrics, prints and direction for each trend.

Styling + Accessories

Scout has an eye for detail. We pinpoint the subtle details that give authenticity and meaning to a trend. Featuring runway, editorials, details and street, we note the key styling points and accessories ahead of the competition.

Bonus Trend

Our Casual SS18 Bonus Trend for the season.