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A full Fashion + Home subscription gives you 12 months exclusive access to all our online services for up to 5 users, this includes: Seasonal Colour + Trend Reports for SCOUT Life, Women and Men, Unisex Casualwear, our monthly online magazine SCOUTlook featuring fast track retail/street/pop culture/prints + graphics/travel/exhibitions + events and anything trending from around the globe plus unlimited access to the Scout archives. You can also order hardcopies of our Colour + Trend reports complete with accurate Pantone fabric swatches for all trends. As a subscriber you can purchase these hardcopies at a special discount rate of 10% off.

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Be Prepared

It's not enough to know what's happening next season: you have to think ten steps ahead of the competition. Scout analyses lifestyle trends, pop culture, street and catwalk, for accurate forecasts.

We Know Our Stuff

With an international team of fashion professionals Scout offers on-the-spot global access to the latest trends, along with expert analysis and sharp editing.

Scouts Honour

We don't just forecast trends; we prove them at retail. This unique approach shows you trend development and key items that will actually sell.

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